Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Joseph's Bedtime

The other night we had put the kids to bed. I was getting ready to turn off the light, when Joseph said "I like horses!". I replied 'yes, Joseph, you most certainly do.' then he said " what does the rain say?" I thought about this, thinking rain does not really say anything, finally I said, 'what?'. Joseph: rain, rain, go away come back another day. I was amazed. He then asked what a hat said and I asked what? He said "YEEHAW!" At this point, I decided to ask the question, I asked Joseph what sleep said? He simply snored! At that it was lights out.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Boys are handsome

We cut out all of Brian's curls! During the discussion to do so, I thought it would look horrible, but it does not, he looks wonderful. We also went back to cutting Joseph's hair really short as well. Now, I just have to continue working and waiting on Bralee's hair to grow out.
At this point in time all are doing well. The boys are in school and loving it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Time

We are on the Thomas the Train
Papaw and Joseph

Oh the excitement was something to be seen and HEARD from Joseph when he saw Thomas. I recorded. It was amazing. Many of the parents were shocked that he responded the way he did with such enthusiasm. I did take the video recorder, because me, being the mother, figured it was going to be over the top. Every time Thomas pulled into station it was just the same. Shockingly enough, none of the other kids were showed quiet as much outward excitement as he did!

Brian with birthday cake, caked on everywhere he could manage.

As all who know Brian, he loves to eat. He just kept on going back to eat more cake.

Oh, lets share some love on our birthday....Bralee and Joseph.

Brian and Joseph playing with there ambulance and firetruck.

We had a Dora and Diego cake. They love them both, so it worked out magically for now, probably not so much in a couple of years.

Bralee with her Birthday card from Aunt Karen.

Joseph with his card from Aunt Karen. I was unable to get on of Brian with his. Joseph 2nd favorite to Thomas is his cowboy hat and this stick horse. He runs through the house riding it and saying "giddy up...yee haw!"

Update on Bralee's potty training....going great. She is still having a couple of accidents with bowel movements, but that is it. Although all who know her history with that area, that is excellent. With the birthday party, they were more excited about it finally being their turn to be sung "Happy Birthday" to. It was great. Shane had to work, so it was just me, the kids, Nana, and Papaw.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Potty Time

We are steadily potty training, for about a week now. Wheeew, it is exhausting. Bralee is doing great, we can leave the house on outings/appointments with no problem. Brian started out strong, but is now back tracking. Joseph, he has not been in the running from the beginning, so it is still a daily, minute by minute battle with him.

We got the results back from Bralee's sleep study that she had done. She has more than the average # of episodes of stopped/labored breathing during the night. She will be having her tonsils/adenoids removed on August 18th and staying in overnight for observation due to her apnea. Brian is have the same surgery + ears done the next day August 19th on an outpatient basis at a different location.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer thus Far

It has been HOOOOTTTT! We actually have not been outside a lot, except for of the early mornings or evenings. We do however go over to our friend Jennifer's and take a swim ever so often.

I will be going back to college this Fall. Wow! Shane is going back to day shift, actually that starts tomorrow, June 21st. That is pretty much all of the exciting news for us grown folk.

Brian is having surgery July 1st. He is having his adenoids removed. I asked and questioned about his enlarged tonsils to be told "no".

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a blast this Memorial Day weekend. I will be selfish and start with myself. I truly enjoyed not having to cook, clean or any domesticated duty. Although most of all I was at times thinking I should pinch myself to the fact that I was spending time with family that I have never had the chance to get to know, or more importantly even knew existed. I have cousins wonderful loving cousins, great aunts and uncles. This does not even put into words their extended family of wonderful close knit of friends. It was just absolutely wonderful....MARVELOUS.
Shane spent his time on and off the volleyball court, but nonetheless have a blast. He was overcome himself with the warmth of the family and friends.
Joseph, he enjoyed the other children, swing set, the stick horses, and most of all the real life horses.
Brian, he enjoyed all the food. He was constantly going on a hunt for food, showing his sad eyes and conquering some type of food. He also consumed a fair dose of sand and even some soap while on the trip. His favorite I have to say was water balloon area...naturally water and Brian are always a great combination.
Bralee, loved the art and sand area. She loved going and painting her own pictures, but she also loved playing for great span of time in the sand. It was a great chore trying to get the sand out of her hair of the evenings. She really enjoyed Taylor, her new friend/cousin. I will be glad to see this connection grow, as do all our other great wonderful family ties.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

A lot of hours and Preparations

Shane has been working a lot of overtime, about 84 hours a week. I am not complaining and neither is he. The overtime comes and goes, you take it when it is available. Luckily we have been blessed and it has been there for us non-stop just not to this magnitude.

The boys, not Bralee, got into the city's Pre-K program starting this coming school year. They will go daily from 7:30/7:45 to 1:15. That is wonderful for me, that way I can insure they get a proper nap, furthermore they truly do not need all day everyday (well, I don't).

This coming weekend, Memorial Day weekend, we are traveling to Canton,Ga. I am so excited. I am going to reconnect, meet my fathers side of the family. I have someone to take care of the dog and have found us a church for Sunday morning service. I am just super thrilled. The only downside to this, we will be missing our annual reunion taking place on the plateau.